Satin fabrics are very popular in garments that are worn for special occasions, as well as those that typically appear during the holiday season.

This fabric is woven by passing a yarn under one yarn and over four or more yarns in the opposite direction. Satin fabric is often made from silk, rayon, or acetate yarns. The fabric is made into wedding gowns, evening wear, and sometimes, household items such as draperies. The long float yarns give the fabric its shiny, lustrous appearance as well as its need for special handling requirements.

Avoid abrasion in all aspects of care. Tamp with the brush on the wrong side of the fabric. Keep the steam gun at least four inches away from and perpendicular to the fabric. Turn the garment inside out and dryclean on a short run. Use a double-faced flannel on the bottom buck of a hot-head press.

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