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  • Garment Analysis

    DLI's laboratory provides answers to common garment problems such as color loss, stains, and shrinkage. Analysts use expert knowledge of fabric and care processes combined with appropriate test methods to render a report. Problem garments can be either shipped to DLI or summitted though DLI's online analysis service.

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  • Bulletin Archive

    A database of diverse drycleaning articles including: Technical Analysis Bulletin, Not in Vogue, Counter Sense, Marketing Methods, Management Matters, plus exhaustive reports and advice on topics such as wetcleaning, drycleaning, finishing, shirt procedures, counter service, insurance, regulations, and more. It’s an indispensable resource for anyone and everyone involved in fabricare.

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  • Marketing

    Access DLI's marketing tools to promote your company, build a community with your target audience, increase sales, and drive traffic to your business.

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  • Online Stain Removal Guide

    Access an exclusive step-by-step guide. Pick a stain, pick a fabric, then follow the stain removal instructions.

  • Cleaning Performance Evaluations

    Drycleaning Performance Evaluation and Laundry Performance Evaluation are simple and effective ways to asses the soil removal abilities of your drycleaning or laundry process.

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