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  • Allied Trade Partnership Program

    DLI’s All-New Allied Trades Partnership Program offers you significant savings. You buy products and services from these industry providers on a regular basis, so the savings will go straight to your bottom line.

    Participating Companies
  • Free Legal Advice

    Available for one free consultation per member per year. Help to evaluate your particular legal question and direct you to the best possible solution.

  • Energy Savings

    Save on energy costs with our partner's Powerful Solutions Program, providing energy procurement services with minimal time commitment and no upfront cost. Covers natural gas, electricity, and telecommunications. Does not require up-front, hourly, or retainer fees.

  • Discount Credit Card Processing

    Join the thousands of merchants who find savings and experience award-winning customer service with TSYS. No early termination fees and a free savings analysis of your merchant statements from real people who understand your business.

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