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DLI membership helps garment care businesses grow, prosper, and succeed.

These benefits include enhanced emphasis on social media marketing, a greater sense of community among members, and a vast on-demand webinar library.

Why go it alone when all of these resources are available to you as a DLI member?



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    • All Core DLI Benefits
    • Encyclopedia of Drycleaning
    • Stain Removal Guide
    • Effortless Social Media
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    • All Core DLI Benefits
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"Whenever we have a challenge, we know we can depend on the knowledgeable and professional team at DLI."

Jeffrey Schwegmann, Sunshine Cleaners, Cold Springs, KY

Compare Benefits

Title Premier Standard Budget
Technical Help & Analysis
Technical HelplineTitle  Premier  Standard  Budget
Encyclopedia of DrycleaningTitle  Premier  Standard Budget
Online Stain Remover GuideTitle  Premier  Standard Budget
Garment Analysis (Mail in)Title  Premier $38/perStandard $47/perBudget
Garment Analysis (Online)Title  Premier $26/perStandard $32/perBudget
Monthly Educational WebinarsTitle  Premier  Standard  Budget
Inner Circle Peer Management GroupTitle $99/mo.Premier $99/mo.Standard $99/mo.Budget
CertificationTitle  Premier $240Standard $299Budget
Award of ExcellenceTitle  Premier $450Standard $570Budget
Self-Study CoursesTitle  Premier $139/perStandard $139/perBudget
Virtual Stain Removal CourseTitle  Premier $395Standard $495Budget
Intro to Drycleaning CourseTitle  Premier $956Standard $1,195Budget
Advanced Drycleaning CourseTitle  Premier $1,350Standard $1,695Budget
Intro to Drycleaning Blended CourseTitle  Premier $956Standard $1,195Budget
Marketing & Outreach
Effortless Social MediaTitle  Premier  Standard Budget
Pre-made Social PostTitle  Premier  Standard  Budget
Monday Marketing EmailTitle  Premier  Standard Budget
Monthly Webinars with Dave CoyleTitle  Premier  Standard  Budget
Social Media Marketing Online CourseTitle  Premier  Standard  Budget
Money Saving Partnerships
Allied Trade Gift CertificatesTitle  Premier  Standard  Budget
Discount Credit Card ProcessingTitle  Premier  Standard  Budget
Free Legal ServicesTitle  Premier  Standard  Budget
Weekly Peer-to-Peer Zoom MeetingsTitle  Premier  Standard  Budget
Clean Show RegistrationTitle  Premier $119Standard $119Budget
5 Star Conference RegistrationTitle  Premier $475Standard $595Budget

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