Help Us Help the Environment by Recycling

Are extra hangers cluttering your closet? Want to find a good home for them? Rather than allowing them to become a nuisance, return them to your us and we’ll take care of them for you.

Recycling not only frees up valuable closet space, by recycling you are helping protect the environment.

Although many people reuse drycleaning hangers, unless you are a clothing shopaholic, the number of hangers in your closet can quickly exceed the number of garments you have to hang. These days, most professional cleaners recycle hangers.

When collecting your hangers for recycling, there are several things your should remember:
* Make sure the hangers are clean and unbent.
* Sort the hangers by type, remove any safety pins, tickets, or twists.
* Uncertain about where to put your hangers? Just ask and we’ll be happy to help.