Support the Credit Card Competition Act

Supporting the Credit Card Competition Act could help lower swipe fees.

DLI is working to reduce the costs professional cleaners face amidst continued inflation. Credit card swipe fees remain a high cost for cleaning businesses. More increases are expected with no end in sight. The cause of the problem is a duopoly in the credit card marketplace with no pressure to lower costs.

We and other groups aim to get Congress to pass common sense legislation, inject competition, and drive card fees down for all small businesses. To achieve this, we all need to tell Congress why action on this issue is sorely needed.

Take a few minutes to lend your voice. Here’s how:
Find and contact your elected federal officials here:
Members of the U.S. Congress (

  • Enter your address and the site will display your representatives
  • Click “Contact” to visit each representative’s site
  • Each representatives website is a little different. Choose Contact, Share Your Opinion, Share Your Thoughts, or the equivalent depending on the page.

Send a message to your representatives. Here is a sample from our friends at the National Restaurant Association:
The “Credit Card Competition Act” will bring much-needed competition to the credit card network routing market. Swipe fees are among the highest fees borne by garment care professionals and this legislation will help drive down the exorbitant costs of accepting credit card payments and make my business more successful