Inner Circle

Inner Circle Management Group

  • Does increasing profit sound appealing?
    Are you interested in what others are achieving and how?
    Are you interested in sharing ideas?
    Would you like expert advice but think you can’t afford it?

    If you answered yes, then DLI's Inner Circle peer management group is for you!

Fee:      $99 / month for DLI members         $198 / month for non members

Who: DLI Member Participants

What: Groups of Fabricare Owners meeting remotely to share and gain business expertise

When: Quarterly half-day sessions

Where: Remote Zoom

Why: Benefits to Participants include:

  • Tools to increase profitability
  • Detailed operational and financial data
  • Benchmarks and best practices
  • Best Ideas to emulate (inside and outside the industry)
  • Immediate and practical tactics and strategies for continued excellence
  • Discounts on select services and suppliers
  • Team management development
  • Support between meetings with individual outreach
  • Presentations on relevant and timely topics

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