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Whites Turn Gray

Q: I have received complaints from several customers that their white garments are gray. This seems to be a problem if only one piece of an outfit is brought in for cleaning. What is causing the probl...

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 3/1/2017 10:39:22 AM

Change in tone at DOL

By Sandy Seay, Seay Management Consultants Although the Trump Administration has been in office for just a few weeks, the change in tone at the Department of Labor is extraordinary. The Department ...

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 2/28/2017 10:17:22 AM

2017 Human Resources Management Checklist

The Seay Management Human Resources Management Checklist ensures that you implement “best practices” in terms of policies, procedures, manuals and documents to hire and retain good employees and motiv...

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 12/20/2016 7:55:28 AM

Sustainability Saves

Reducing a plant’s environmental impact often leads to reduced operational costs—and customer goodwill. By Ian P. Murphy Since the beginning of the Internet age, consumers have been doing more r...

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 12/8/2016 4:01:18 PM

Higher Exempt Salary Levels - or Not - Where Do We Go From Here?

“The Wheel is come full circle . . . .” – Spoken by Edmund, “King Lear,” Act 5, Scene 3. “I wish he would explain his explanation.” Lord Byron, “Don Juan.” By Sandy Seay, Seay Management O...

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 12/6/2016 9:47:10 AM