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How is Your Cleaning Quality?

CPTWhile most members today are preoccupied with environmental concerns, letís not forget that the quality of cleaning is at least equally important. After all, thatís why we are in the fabric care business in the first place.

As we all know, in the drycleaning operation we cannot dump used solvent down the drain. Therefore, the importance of maintaining the solvent in the best possible condition cannot be over emphasized. The Cleaning Performance Evaluation (CPE) is available to DLI members. In may cases, this service can provide a clue as to the cause of poor cleaning due to unsatisfactory solvent conditions.

Generally, the cleaning performance in a drycleaning system depends on four direct factors:ē Solvent Condition
  • Running Time
  • Solvent Flow Rate
  • Load Factors: Weight, Color, and Kind

If properly used DLI's Cleaning Performance Evaluation is extremely useful in determining if any of the above factors are off balance in your operation.

In the CPE test, DLI Research Technicians measure the redeposition of all soils present on both polyester/cotton and all-cotton fabrics. We also measure the solid soil removal from our soiled swatch and the efficiency of water-soluble soil removal.

These results allow DLI to rate the performance of the plant and recommend changes when an improvement in cleaning is necessary. The CPE service is a good way to check the quality of your cleaning service. CPE results also offer a comparison with other plants.

DLI Silver, Gold, and Premier members receive some free access to this valuable service each year. For more information  or to sign up for the CPE service on a one time, monthly, or quarterly basis, please call (800) 638-2627.
Posted By Harry Kimmel | 10/3/2017 11:44:37 AM